We search for executives and non-executives

Our expertise and passion come from the fact that we dare to cross borders and disciplines and, most of all, we dare to stretch expectations. Leaders Trust combines a deep understanding of different markets with knowing how companies work. We know organisation cultures and how the right personality can move them into new dimensions.

Leaders Trust utilises the skills and knowledge of well-regarded, accomplished search professionals to provide clients with access to diverse, creative shortlists – whatever the assignment. Leaders Trust consultants look internationally to find a local fit. We dare to put a woman in a typical man’s world. We sometimes value personality over experience. We will always provide profitable solutions that are often highly unexpected. We believe in total client dedication, immediate response, total availability, excellence in execution and the highest staff training standards.

The Partner you meet is the one who will actually handle the assignment and report to you. We understand the importance of building long-term relationships based on trust. Trust is essential. However, trust should never be mistaken for predictability. We find people that bring change.