Jean Paul Hokke


After earning his Master’s degree in Economics at the University of Amsterdam, Jean Paul Hokke travelled around the world. He played cricket in Australia, did a bungee jump in New Zealand and  shored sheep.

Back in the Netherlands Jean Paul started his career at Capgemini and stayed in Business- and Management Consulting for 30 years. At Capgemini Consulting he headed the Financial Services, Public and Transformation practices. After that  he became managing partner at Capco NL building a team from the ground, recruiting and assessing over 40 people for his team. Before joining Leaders Trust NL he became the banking partner at IG&H consultants, where he successfully built a Financial Services team again.

Next to running the P & L of these practises he was a trusted advisor and program lead in many large (strategic) transformation projects, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

As an ex top team sportsman (cricket and field hockey) high performing teams always had his interest. How do you get the right mix of knowledge, capabilities and characters and how to make sure they act as a high performing team while getting the best out of its individual members?

Jean Paul wanted to assist and coach his clients further in this area of selecting, assessing, building and leading their high performing teams. That made the move to Leaders Trust a logical and exciting one.

Jean Paul is still interested in sports but not a fanatic practitioner anymore. Nowadays he plays Padel with his friends and spends time in the gym, running, biking and being an enthusiastic spectator.

T +31 (6) 15892365