Albert Froom

Managing Partner

He once lost a hockey match 13-0, but was the first chairman for 3 years of AltoPartners and was ranked in the top 150 most influential head hunters in the world by Business Week. Albert has worked in the field of Executive Search since 1987 and is the founding partner of Froom & Partners, which joined Leaders Trust in 1999. He has participated in two sailing world championships. He has a soft spot for China and if tomorrow he could no longer work in Executive Search, he’d become the captain of a cargo sailing ship between South America and Asia. Prior to founding Froom & Partners/Leaders Trust International, Albert worked for AMRO Bank and ITT, where he held various commercial and management positions.
Albert holds an LL.M in commercial, public and corporate Law from the University of Utrecht. Albert is the Global Practice Head of Financial Services for Leaders Trust / AltoPartners. Not a day goes by without Bach; he is never going to retire and would like to fathom the prophetic element in the history of modern mankind. He believes in the power of people, which is why he calls himself a religious humanist and also finds top talent for NGO’s. And significantly: friendship is forever.