Executive Search

Leaders Trust, a founding member of AltoPartners, is a continuity-focused and independently operating Partnership. Our goal is to assist our clients in optimising their business results by providing them with high-quality advice in Executive Search as well access to top-quality candidates for Executive and Non-Executive positions. We have an in-depth and actual knowledge of today’s market of leaders and of rising potential in the markets. We are experts in finding the right people for more complex roles, such as C-Suite roles and management roles. Over the past 3 decades we have built a reputation for delivering executive and non-executive directors across a wide range of private and public sector organisations, in and outside of the Netherlands.

Personality = Key

At this level, knowledge and experience are often already proven. Something that is more complex to determine but is crucial for achieving work successes, is the individual’s personality. That is why our consultants do not only focus on the candidate’s knowledge and working experience during assessments and interviews. We also take into account the character of the individual.

Our Executive Search Approach

Our executive search approach is rigorous, diligent, and confidential. We invest the time needed in getting to know our clients and to work towards a collaborative partnership. We do our utmost  to understand our clients and deliver a comprehensive list of potential candidates from which to choose.

Executive Search Process

We invest considerable time and effort to find the right person. For every search, we diligently follow determined steps.

Our executive search process contains the following steps,:

  • Getting to know our client’s organisation (e.g.: culture, environment and team);
  • Creating job profiles, which are based on the organisation’s preferences and needs;
  • Towards the candidate(s) we emphasize what to expect and what the concerned position adds to a future career;
  • Searching and creating a strong and broad longlist;
  • Presenting a shortlist of our candidate(s) to our client;
  • Assessing the final candidate(s);
  • Follow up 3-5 months after the candidate’s placement.

The female potential

 We find it important that people are chosen for roles, based on their knowledge, experience and on their personality structure. We are proud to say that between 2017-2021, exactly 50% of the individuals we have placed are women.

Clients We Searched For

Even after 3 decades, our Executive Search portfolio continues to grow significantly. Leaders Trust, and internationally through AltoPartners Executive Search, clients cover a wide range of Industries and sectors.

Recent Completed Executive- and Non-Executive Roles

Due to the confidential nature of our work, most of our successful placements cannot be displayed on our website. For more information, contact our Partner Albert Froom, Jean Paul Hokke or Pieter Ysbrandy.

Examples of our successfully completed cases: