Executive Assessments

Leaders Trust’s mission is to find the right people at the right place, at the right time. People that bring actual change and add value to our clients’ company. People’s personality makes it possible to predict future work performances. During executive assessments, our consultants do not focus on the someone’s current capabilities and what he/she knows now. Instead, our focus is on the potential to develop him-/herself in practice of a particular area. We search for the long term.

Our Assessment approach

Our belief in the ability of people makes our assessment critical, two-way interpersonal and from great value to our client’s organization. The online test results lead to unpolished, validate, and decisive recommendations for our client. Leaders Trust uses a personality-centralized approach. After three decades of experience, we can state that the person’s personality structure is crucial and decisive for professional success. Also, personality is practical immutable and hard to determine. Discovering people’s true personality requires time, specific soft skills, and takes effort. That is one of the reasons why our clients approach us.

Our Assessments Goals and Focus

Leaders Trust’s overall goal of the assessment is to gain insight into the candidate’s personality and environmental structure. Sub-goals are:

  • Validate the personality questionnaire (OPQ) results;
  • Limit the candidate’s influence on the results;
  • The candidate’s acceptance of his/her results;
  • Triggering the candidate’s self-fulfillment;
  • To comply with ethical obligations: it is our moral duty to communicate registered information to the person concerned;
  • To obtain specific information that is difficult to extract from online tests (e.g.: opinions, attitude, and standards);
  • Proper observation;
  • To create a positive ambiance and build trust;
  • To obtain feedback for the purpose of getting confirmation on the candidate’s profile.

Leaders Trust’s assessments are mainly focused on one’s personality- and environmental structure. Throughout the assessment (both online and in person), personality in relation to working environment, knowledge, working experience and skills, is centralized. Besides gaining insight into the person’s personality, the candidate’s cognitive skills (frame of reference) will also be measured.

Assessment Process

Leaders Trust works step by step to create value for all our stakeholders. We value our clients’ needs and linked core values. Steps of our overall assessment process are:

  • Meeting with the organization and it’s specific characteristics and culture;
  • Development of the competition profile;
  • Meeting with the employee and candidate, whose career it concerns;
  • (Intern) Assessment at Leaders Trust in Driebergen-Zeist;
  • Feedback to the employee/candidate him/-herself (both orally as in writing);
  • A report to the organization/client.

The assessment with the candidate consists of two different phases:

  1. The technical phase (online), with the duration of approximately 2,5 hours.
  2. The interviewing phase (in person), with the duration of approximately 2 hours.

Technical Phase (online questionnaire, OPQ and capacity test)

The candidate fills in an online questionnaire and takes the OPQ, and capacity test. The questionnaire provides insight into the candidate’s personality and the capacity test measures his/her cognitive skills and frame of reference. Leaders Trust is licensee of SHL The Netherlands and uses multiple professional HRM-tools.

Interviewing Phase (Intern In-Person Interview)

After receiving and analyzing the candidate’s answers and results of the technical phase, the interviewing phase. Our goal is to start a two-way interpersonal process to gain deeper insights into the candidate. The interview will take place internally at the Leaders Trust office with experienced consultant who knows the client’s organization and particular department well. Questions related to the candidate’s background will be asked.

Interested in a more detailed explanation of our assessments and the associated process? Contact our consultant, Albert Froom (specialized in Executive Search and Assessments)!