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With over three decades of experience in Executive Search, Interim Management and Executive Assessments, Leaders Trust (a founding member of AltoPartners) strives for innovative changes within your business. Our deep-seated belief in the ability of people is our biggest strength. Where other firms see race, gender, age, culture, personality types, personal values, experience, and qualifications in isolated silos, we see a set of characteristics that set candidates apart and make them perfect in the right context.

To change as a company or organisation, you need the right leader – that one person who is in touch with the spirit of the times, who can strike out in a new direction, without losing sight of existing values. That one person who can motivate others to consider all the possibilities. The person people are eager to work alongside. By closely linking to client needs, we find the right person for every context – whether it is for permanent executive roles or interim executive assignments.

Executive Search, Interim Management and Executive Assessments

Our pragmatic, trustworthy and personal approach is what makes us exceptionally strong in today’s market. We handle both the clients’ and individuals’ concerns in the utmost confidential and diligent way. For over 30 years, our uninterrupted presence distinguishes us and illustrates our strong values and quality throughout all kinds of crises.

Our highly experienced consultants know that talent often comes in unexpected packages and look internationally to find a local fit. We dare to put a woman in a typical man’s world. We sometimes value personality over experience. We will always provide profitable solutions that are often unexpected. We believe in total client dedication, immediate response, total availability, excellence in execution and the highest staff training standards.

Executive Search

Leaders Trust has built a reputation for delivering executive and non-executive directors across a wide range of private and public sector organisations. We have an extensive and proactive candidate network and know of individuals who may be considered as potential candidates.

What makes Leaders Trust unique is our ability to combine a detailed understanding of the client’s requirements with creative thinking in terms of presenting the broadest possible range of candidates from which to choose. Additionally, our bespoke approach and boutique size means that very few organisations or individuals are ‘off limits’ to us. We take great pride in getting to know our clients and investing considerable time to ensure that we work in a collaborative partnership.

We have a track record of success in filling a number of high-profile appointments in situations which have required persistence, innovation, rigorous research, and creativity in handling any initial reservations of candidates. Our extensive commercial experience, allied with a broad and continually updated network of individuals, makes us well-qualified and well-connected to deliver a strong range of candidates and to manage the appointments through to a successful outcome. Our high repeat business rate is testament to client satisfaction.

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Interim Management

Leaders Trust Interim Management solutions . Our highly specialized Interim Managers are well-placed to help companies with complex management issues. They are highly experienced and add value to a company and organisation, whether it’s about management in general, change management or project management.

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Executive Assessments

To find the right person in the right place at the right time, our consultants assess candidates in which we focus on the personality fit regarding the chosen strategy. Does he/she fit in the team? Does the candidate share the values? Will the person bring the results that we are looking for? Will the candidate bring the change we need and foresee?

At Leaders Trust, we believe that the combination of the personality structure, the environment in which the client organisation operates, and the person’s cognitive skills are decisive for professional success. Our vision of cognitive skills is that the focus relies on not only what a person already is capable of, but also in the long-term: the candidate’s potential to develop.

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Recent Completed Roles

Because of the confidentially nature, most of our fulfilled roles could not be displayed on our website. We could understand the interest in roles we currently search for. Contact one of our Partners Albert Froom, Jean-Paul Hokke (both specialized in Executive Search and Executive Assessments) or Pieter Ysbrandy (specialized in Interim-Management).

Between 2017-2021, 50% of the people we have placed on positions (including executive and non-executive board positions), are women.