Our Cases


Board Practice

Large Dutch Pensionfund; Female Supervisory Board member placed, result: balanced supervisory board.

Listed Insurance company Belgium; Independent Non executive supervisory board member, result: balanced and improved cooperation between Board and Executives.

Large Finnish Family owned production company; Non Executive Board member from the Netherlands, result: International Board composition for global roll out of services.

Listed Insurer in Turkey; Two supervisory Board members, result: connectivity with local communities, culture and regulator.



Mortgages Platform; CEO placed, result: Indepency regained, future secured.

International Bank; Director IT & Operations placed, result: up to speed with digitization.

Global IT Consultancy; Managing Director FinServ Benelux placed, result: Focus on digitization and process redesign within Life Insurance and Pensionfunds created.


Diversity & Women Leadership

60 % of our placements since 2014 are female.


Government, not for profit, NGO’s

Leading University; Director HRM placed, result: Higher tempo of change, changing of tone at the top

Leading Distant Learning University; Chairman of the Board placed from outside the University world, result: improved banding and growing numbers of students

Global Independent Campaigning Organisation; Two headed Management Board placed, result: change of the tone at the top, better negotiations.

Global USA based NGO; European Fundraising Director placed, result: moer focus on European High Nett Worth Individuals


Financial Services

Listed Insurer; Multiple C Suite roles in 9 European countries placed, result: International community of multi cultural leaders in the Group enlarged and improved

Listed Insurer; Building of international succession pipelines for CFO/CRO and CIO, result: succession in place.


Natural Resources

LPG and Aerosols reseller; Managing Director placed for Private Equity, result: Succession and improvement of margins and results.

International Fire and Safety training company for Marine and Off shore; Manager Finance placed, result: improvemant of procedures and ERP ready.